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Weight Lost 114 lbs

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Weight Lost 95 lbs

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Weight Lost 79 lbs

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Weight Lost 78 lbs

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Weight Lost 47 lbs

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Weight Lost 42 lbs

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Weight Lost 40 lbs

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Weight Lost 40 lbs

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Weight Lost 40 lbs

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Weight Lost 40 lbs

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Total weight lost on Rejuvenation 21 Plan: 114 pounds & 12 sizes

Jane Wilcox

"The Rejuvenation diet has truly been "personal rejuvenation" for me. I have lost 114 lbs and 12 sizes since I began this program 18 months ago. Originally I wanted to lose a few pounds for my daughter's wedding and lost 30 lbs in 30 days. Not only did I lose weight but I felt so much better!

After that my body naturally dropped a few more pounds. I decided to go back on the Rejuvenation plan a total of three more times over 18 months, losing 114 lbs total.

And even though it took me 18 months, I have actually only had a restricted diet for about 28 weeks. In other words, I was able to eat normally for 50 out of 72 weeks, and still lost 114 lbs and went from pant size 26 to 14!

Even better news, with the organic foods and homeopathic regimen, Rejuvenation worked like a cleanse for my entire system. With losing weight, my TSA number corrected itself and even my plantar fascitis is gone!

Someone once commented to me that my kind of weight loss is life-changing. I couldn't agree more. Not only has my weight changed, but my energy level has increased, my outlook is brighter and I am generally much healthier. I feel like a different person now, and I have the Rejuvenation plan to thank!"

Thank you Rejuvenation for all you've done for me and my health. You guys are great!"

Total weight lost on Rejuvenation 21 Plan: 90 pounds & 40 Inches

Dave Springfield, MO

I'm Dave from Springfield, MO. The Rejuvenation Team helped me lose 95 pounds this year. I also lost 56 inches of pure fat, balanced my digestive system and feel 10 years younger! My goal is 100 pounds, which I have no doubt I will reach by the end of my next round. I am very impressed with their program, their client support, and their passion for wellness. My relationship with Rejuvenation has definitely changed my life by giving me back my health and confidence.

Total weight lost on Rejuvenation 21 Plan: 79 pounds in 84 days

Jim A. MO

"The day I joined the Rejuvenation program I had just come from my doctor's office where he doubled my blood pressure medication due to my obesity. Well since then, I've lost a total of 79 pounds! I did that in only 84 days.

I went back to the doctor for my semi-annual checkup and after the nurse weighed me she kept flipping through my chart, looking confused. She had me verify my identity because I lost so much weight she didn't recognize me, the weight on my chart was way too high and she thought she had the wrong chart.

Not only have I lost A LOT of weight but I've drastically decreased my medications and no doubt added many quality years to my life.

Thank you Rejuvenation for all you've done for me and my health. You guys are great!"

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