How much weight do people typically lose on the program?

85% of our customers lose 16 or more pounds in the first 21 days on the program. Weight loss typically occurs between 1/2 and 2 pounds per day. Since you can use the program for 21 - 45 days at a time, this program can help you lose anywhere from 10 or hundreds of pounds.

Will I keep the weight off?

Over 80% of our clients have kept most or all of the weight off after one year. After going on the 21 Plan, most people find that their body has achieved better balance. The result is often a decrease in appetite, faster metabolism, the ability to feel full and fewer cravings for poor foods. In addition, our program will teach you habits and ways to never gain it back.

How much time will I need to commit to this weekly?

5 minutes to complete a Daily Log, 1 hr. class once a week, and meal planning will set you up for the win.

What can I eat while I'am on the Plan?

See Food List

Will I get hungry?

The Formula 21 drops mobilize abnormal stored fat that the body uses as fuel. So your body is actually burning 1,000-3,500 calories of abnormal stored fat per day. In addition, the drops clean out the receptor sites of the hypothalamus, which controls hunger signals, so the body will be begin receiving the appropriate signals of fullness and satisfaction rather than hunger.

How can I expect to feel while on the Plan?

During the first few days you may experience some detoxification symptoms. By the end of the first week, most start to notice an increase in energy and mental clarity. This is typically permanent. In addition, most people begin to sleep better, experience decrease in food cravings, increased libido, a more positive outlook. 82% report overall health improvements such as blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar regulation, joint pain, etc.

What is recommended for exercise?

Phase 2- ONLY light exercise like walking, yoga, rebounder, slow elliptical or vibration exercise.
Phase 3- return to normal workout routine that may include vigorous cardio and weight lifting.

Are there products I will have to purchase?

Since this program is customized to the individual, there is a good chance that there may be additional products recommended to produce the best results. These are on a case by case basis and depends on the degree of correction needed. Some people don't need any. Others on average may need $30-$90 of additional products to prep the body prior to going on the Plan or taken while on the Plan.

Won't I still lose weight if I don't take your drops and just eat the foods?

Have you ever tried a restricted calorie diet? How did you feel? How long did it last? Did you gain the weight back? Your body goes into starvation mode using muscle mass and structural fat which is unsafe. On the 21 Plan, you lose abnormal stored fat, little to no muscle loss, and you don't gain the weight back because you are correcting the imbalances that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

Is it safe to lose 1-2 pounds a day?

Losing 1 - 2 pounds per day can be healthy as long as it is done correctly. Our special blend of foods, enzymes and 21 Plan Formula, allow your body to receive just the right amount of nutrients and actually consume the stored fat that you will be burning.

Can I do the 21 Plan if I'm a vegetarian?

Yes, the foods you eat will just be a little different and include dairy as well as other products. Unfortunately, if you will not eat any animal products, this program is not suited for you at this time, but we are actively seeking out options that will make this possible.

Who can use the diet?

The vast majority of people who need to lose weight can go on this program and the individualized approach works for almost everyone. We typically do not allow people with kidney disease, an organ transplant, active cancer, seizures, metabolic syndrome, epilepsy, organ failure, pregnant or nursing mothers, those taking diuretics, methotrexate or who have taken steroids in the last 2 weeks. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new weight loss program.

Should I start the program if I am about to menstruate?

It's okay to start the 21 Plan at any time, but your body will retain water during menstruation. Thus, even though you are losing weight, it will not be reflected on the scale until afterward. It is best to start directly after, but if you need to start right away, no problem.

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