With the 21 Plan, You will be successful. The only question is when.

Everyday, people just like you are losing weight once and for all with the 21 Plan. Check out their stories and learn that no matter where you are in life, our individual approach can make your dreams a reality.

Success Story 1

21 Plan creator Susan Blackard developed the program while serving as V.P. of a top U.S. hospital. While there she created over 44 successful programs and clinics but could not identify a single weight loss program with life changing results. 40 pounds over weight herself, Susan tried diet after diet working with the best personal trainers and nutritionists, but nothing worked. Finally she stumbled upon the work which became the cornerstone of the 21 Plan. Today, years later, she is still 40 pounds lighter thanks to this amazing protocol. She has since helped thousands lose weight while adapting and improving the program to be even more effective. Today, she is proud to offer you a successful, lasting solution.

Featured Success Stories:

Success Story 1
I'm Dave from Springfield, MO. The Rejuvenation Team helped me lose 95 pounds this year. I also lost 56 inches of pure fat, balanced my digestive system and feel 10 years younger! My goal is 100 pounds, which I have no doubt I will reach by the end of my next round. I am very impressed with their program, their client support, and their passion for wellness. My relationship with Rejuvenation has definitely changed my life by giving me back my health and confidence.

- Dave Raridon, Springfield, MO
Success Story 1

Better Sleep, Weight Loss & More

Janet first came to Rejuvenation to lose weight. What she didn't know were all of the other positive health benefits associated with correcting core imbalances... before and after pictures

- Janet
Success Story 2

Off The Med's!

During a routine doctor visit after losing 75 pounds in just 84 days, the nurse was convinced that she had the wrong chart... before and after pictures

- Jim
Success Story 3

Perfect Wedding Weight

After losing 55 pounds, with the 21 Plan, Krystal was the perfect weight for her wedding, but just wait until you hear how long she has kept it off... before and after pictures

- Krystal

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Profiles of Success:

Who:Sandy S.
On 21 Plan:21 days
Weight Lost:20 lbs.
Pain in Knees and Hips:Gone
Years of Heart Burn:Gone
Daily Heartburn Pill:No More
Blood Pressure:Way Down
BP Prescription:Cut in Half
Other Medications:Eliminated

"This program worked really well for me. I took all the weight off that I wanted to and have decreased my blood pressure medicine to half of what it was before. I am off all of my other medications and feel great. My knees and hips don't bother me like they used to and I no longer suffer from the indigestion and heartburn that has plagued me for years.

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