Susan Blackard before and after

"I've lost 40 pounds on my revolutionary diet and kept it off for over 3 years!"

-Susan Blackard, R.N., M.S., N.D.c

Jim before and after

Total weight lost: 79 pounds in 84 days.

"The day I joined the Rejuvenation program I had just come from my doctor's office where he doubled my blood pressure medication due to my obesity. Well since then, I've lost a total of 79 pounds! I did that in only 84 days.

I went back to the doctor for my semi-annual checkup and after the nurse weighed me she kept flipping through my chart, looking confused. She had me verify my identity because I lost so much weight she didn't recognize me, the weight on my chart was way too high and she thought she had the wrong chart.

Not only have I lost A LOT of weight but I've drastically decreased my medications and no doubt added many quality years to my life.

Thank you Rejuvenation for all you've done for me and my health. You guys are great!"

-Jim Armstrong: MO

J.W.J. before and after

Total weight lost: 78 pounds and counting...

"After seeing pictures of myself at my daughter's 1st birthday, I realized I needed a change. I weighed 303 pounds and had 51% body fat. I knew I had to make a change. 122 days later I weigh 225 pounds and am only 21% body fat. My waist went from 40 to a 33 and I went from a XXL shirt to a large. What I thought would be an impossible undertaking has actually been enjoyable. I like eating healthy meals and l love fitting into clothing I haven't worn since high school. If I can make this change anyone can!!!!"

-J.W.J: Springfield, MO

Karen before and after

Total weight lost: 47 pounds in 90 days

July 2009 - Weight 215.6 pounds - Size 18/20

November 2009 - Weight 168.2 pounds - Size 12 - Lost 37 1/2 & 47 pounds

For me the weight loss did not come easy, however, this has been the easiest weight loss plan that I have been on. I know with this plan, I will be able to keep my weight off for a lifetime because we are taught how to keep it off. Other diets that I have been on in the past did not teach this and I was not able to sustain the weight loss, in fact - I gained extra.

I did not experience headaches, low blood sugar levels or horrible cravings. There were times that I felt hungry, but was advised to eat a couple of bites of protein with my fruit and this took care of that problem. THE COACHING WORKS!!!

During the second week, I stopped losing weight. My weight loss coach readjusted my plan and I began losing weight again. Both times I was on weight loss, I had to do an apple day to get me back on track and I had to do a steak/apple day during stabilization to get me back on track. THIS IS THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS AND OTHER DIETS I'VE TRIED, there is a way to get back on track, and we monitor ourselves everyday!!!

-Karen Palmer: WI

Jasmine before and after

Total weight lost: 21 pounds in 30 days

"I can't thank Your Rejuvenation enough! This program completely changed my life, for the better. Before I decided to embark on this journey, I was unhappy with myself, but mostly because of my weight. I would make many strides in what I thought was the right direction, but that would consist of not eating and overworking which gave me a quick 1 or 2 lbs loss, but right after I returned back to my normal life, the weight added back on sometimes putting more on. My ultimate goal was to lose 30lbs, but in my mind that was impossible, so I could settle with 15lbs. With Your Rejuvenation I was able to stick to the diet. Although it was strict, I felt it was cleansing and teaching me discipline, something I have never experienced before. 30 days completed and I lost 21lbs. What was remarkable was after finishing up the maintenance I had a completely different outlook on food. I didn't need to eat, just to eat and I noticed I got full way before I usually do. My brain was now working with my body rather than against my body and I lost another 9 lbs by eating what I love, but just not overeating. Now I have a faster metabolism, I love my body, reaching my ideal weight and I owe it all to Your Rejuvenation!"

-Jasmine Crawford: IL

Alice before and after

Total weight lost: 16 pounds.

"When I saw my mom shrink before my eyes, and keep it off, I knew I had to try this diet. Before this diet I really had tried everything. Weight loss pills, counting food points, and working out tirelessly never worked for me. Also, my eating habits were horrible! Consuming tons of pasta and sugar every week left me bloated and very tired. Since nothing had worked for me before, I started the diet out very skeptical, especially for the first two fat loading days. I followed the diet very carefully, which is key, and the weight melted off me. I was shocked. Best of all, this diet just makes sense. There's no gimmicks just plain logic. I feel like a new person since eating organically, and cutting out sugar, [simple] carbs, and dairy. I have more energy, new eating habits and a new body. If I had known my weight would fall off like this, I would have indulged more on the fat loading days. The diet may be temporary but the habits I've acquired with this diet will stay with me forever. I will never go back to eating as horribly as I did. I've learned that if you eat horribly, you will feel horrible. I would recommend this diet to anyone who is tired of feeling uncomfortable and overweight and wants to put in a genuine effort to feel better.!"

-Alice R.

"In the past I have done the HCG injections, still felt hungry, and gained the weight back within a couple of months, On the Rejuvenation 21 plan I personally lost 21 lbs., my husband lost 28 lbs. all in just 21 days, I never once experienced hunger and have kept it off for almost a year. But best of all I now have had the pleasure to help many clients reach their weight loss goals and be successful in keeping it off,the success I have seen has far surpassed my wildest I am 100% confident in telling you,IT WORKS!!"

-Anne Kent

Krystal before and after
Total weight lost:
40 pounds in 41 days
"My name is Krystal and I lost 55 lbs using Rejuvenation's 21 Plan and I have kept the weight off for almost two years now! Following the nutritional guide was simple and easy to do. I loved eating all the organic food and feeling energized. I couldn't believe how the weight just melted off in the first 21 days. So, I tried it again and lost another significant amount. I went from a size 14/16 to a size 6/8; which allowed me to look and feel great on my wedding day!" -Krystal

Matt before and after

Total weight lost: 23 pounds in 21 days

In high school and college, I developed poor eating habits, consuming large quantities of processed foods. This was fine while my metabolism was fast, but as it slowed and I became less active, I began to store fat in undesired areas. The extra fat in my stomach, face, and love handles was incredibly demoralizing. In addition, I had less energy and when I did get the ambition to work out, it was incredibly difficult. For some reason, I made the mistake of putting this diet off, but when I finally went on it, I lost 23 pounds in 21 days. I feel great, have tons of energy, find that working out has become easier and for the first time, weigh as much as I did my sophomore year in high school,incredible!

-Matt Kent: IL

Total weight lost: 40 pounds in 41 days

"I went into Rejuvenation to lose weight, but when I told them about not being able to sleep, being cold all the time and several other issues they said 'we can take care of all that and you can lose weight too'. WOW! 41 days later I had lost 40 pounds and began sleeping through the night. I feel great now and look 10 years younger! This is the finest weight loss program I have ever seen".

-Janet Hill: Branson, MO

Total weight lost: 21 pounds in 21 days

"Just a few short months ago I was aware that I needed to lose weight, but was in total denial about needing to lose more than just a few pounds to be at my optimal weight. I began to talk to Julie at Rejuvenation about their program. After taking my measurements I was shocked at what I found. To make a long story short I started the diet and in exactly 21 days I lost 21 pounds. I also shed 13% body fat, and two pant sizes! Above all, I feel healthier, have more energy and feel great about getting rid of a lot of old clothes that are now too big for me. I want to thank Julie and Rejuvenation for a healthier and more energetic "me".

-Gary Crowe: Fair Grove, MO

"The healthy foods we've been eating have kept us from getting colds, even while traveling."

-Harold and Karen Garrison: Springfield, MO

Total weight lost: 42 pounds in 8 Weeks

"I was very leery of this diet until I saw how well it worked for my wife. I signed myself up and have since lost 42 pounds in 8 weeks! I feel great! It surprised me how full I felt with such small portions of food, but I truly wasn't hungry. I can now stand on my feet and ankles without any pain. And best of all, I've been taken off all my cholesterol medications by my physician."

-Bobby Thomas: MO

"After just the first four weeks on the plan my cholesterol went down from 190 to 135 and my blood sugars went from 119 to 98. My doctor was very impressed! The plan re-introduced me to a healthy lifestyle and renewed my taste for organic fruits and vegetables."

-Walt Cameron: MO

"I was very doubtful of the program since it went against everything I have been taught in healthcare. I am amazed at how well it worked, how well I felt during the process, and how well I feel now! People stop me every day and ask me what I have done. I am also amazed at how the weight came off in all the right places! I am convinced that this works and have shared this information with everyone that asks. My new confidence has improved my whole outlook on life!"

-Jennifer Thomas: MO

"After just the first few days on Rejuvenation's plan I felt almost 100% better! I was completely surprised to find that not only was I not hungry, but also that the foods I used to eat didn't even sound good anymore. I've seen incredible changes in myself. My spirits are higher and my confidence is up. I can't wait to see what the future holds!"

-Julisa Stephens: MO

Total weight lost: 30 pounds in 30 days

"I lost 30 pounds in just 30 days and feel so much better. My brother lost 50 pounds in 6 weeks and my mom lost 20 pounds in 30 days. I tell everyone I see about Rejuvenation!"

-Nickie Mastrovito: MO

"The program is easy to follow. All I had to do was determine in my own mind that I was going to follow the directions of my coach. I feel so much better than I did before I began the Rejuvenation 21 program. I'm finding that I have more confidence than I've had in 20 years. I look better, feel better, I am better! Thanks to everyone on staff at Rejuvenation! You are awesome!"

-Debi Keithley: MO

"This is the first and only program that has ever worked for me."

-Billie Ridenour: MO

Total weight lost: 24 pounds in 21 days

My name is Julie, and I am the weight loss coach for Rejuvenation. My whole journey with this company started when I did this weight loss protocol for myself. I was skeptical in the beginning, I admit. After all, I had tried everything else: low fat, low carb, low calorie. Nothing worked! I decided to give this natural plan a shot, and sure enough I lost 24 pounds in 21 days. Not only that, I also lost 12 inches and 6% body fat. This plan, I have discovered, really works if you are committed. I am pleased to report that after eight months I have kept the weight off, and actually have lost a few more pounds as a result of permanently changing my eating habits. If you are truly ready to improve your lifestyle and change your eating habits, it WILL work for you too!

-Julie Blackard: Republic, MO

Total weight lost: 40 Pounds in 30 days

I can't believe what a difference Rejuvenation has made in my life! Not only did their staff help me lose 40 pounds in 30 days, I am much healthier now as a result due to the all natural focus of the program. As an executive in the fast paced corporate world, I came to the point where I had to take a time out and deal with my health and weight issues. I flew to Springfield for a five day stay with Rejuvenation and came back to CA a thinner, healthier and happier man. I have sent many friends and family members to this excellent, certified staff for weight loss, and I will continue to refer as many of my loved ones as possible. Thank you Rejuvenation!

-David Huber, President of Finance Express: Coto De Caza, California

Total weight lost: 19 pounds in 21 days

Before starting the Weight-Off protocol with Rejuvenation I had struggled to lose weight for many years. Every year for the past five years I have tried to lose five pounds but was unsuccessful. I was eating healthy but I just could not lose any weight. As soon as I started on their program the weight just seemed to melt off. I am so pleased with my results and would recommend this program to anyone who is tired of struggling to lose weight.

-Carol West:Springfield, MO

Total weight lost: 22 pounds in 21 days

I was a little skeptical at first that this program would work as well as Rejuvenation said, but after losing five pounds after the first day and 22 pounds over the course of 21 days, to say the least I am a true believer in Rejuvenation now. I plan on doing their Weight-Off plan again in the near future, to lose another 20 plus pounds and get my weight back down to where it was 8 years ago, all within a combined 42 days. The best part is, the weight has stayed off and I only have one chin.

-Trevor Thornton: Springfield, MO

Bob before and after

Total weight lost: 25 pounds in 30 days

"I lost 25 lbs, 14 inches in 30 days! This is the best weight loss program I ever did! And I wasn't even hungry."

-Bob Essner:

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